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This page will provide updates as we process the data set from the Survey of Mothers' Sleep and Fatigue. 

Thanks to all of you who completed surveys or told mothers about our study.
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Study results (so far) from our survey

      The effect of feeding method on sleep duration, maternal well-being, and postpartum depression [click here]

     Mother-infant sleep location​s and nighttime feeding behaviors: U.S. data from the Mothers' Sleep and Fatigue [click here]

     Depression, sleep quality, and maternal well-being in postpartum women with a history of sexual assault: A comparison of breastfeeding, mixed-feeding, and formula-feeding mothers [click here]

Commentary Regarding the American Academy of Pediatrics 2011 Statement on Safe Infant Sleep

     "Don't Sleep with Big Knives": Interesting (and promising developments in the mother-infant sleep debated [click here]

Webinar (2 E-CERPs available)

      Sense & Sensibility in the Mother-Infant Sleep Debate: What the Science Really Says about Safe Mother-Infant Sleep [click here]​
Other great resources

     James McKenna's Mother-Baby Behavioral Sleep Lab at University of Notre Dame [click here]

     Helen Ball's Parent-Infant Sleep Lab,  University of Durham, UK [click here]

    Attachment Parenting International's Safe Sleep Strategies [click here]