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(My Uppity Take on the "Obesity Epidemic")

Kendall-Tackett, K.A. (2011). Weighing in on obesity: Breastfeeding and the obesity epidemic. Clinical Lactation, 2(3), 9-10. [click here]

Kendall-Tackett, K.A. (2012). Weighing in on obesity II: Some disturbing trends in the discourse around weight (and let's try to avoid them). Clinical Lactation, 3(2), 49-50. [click here]
Weighing in on Obesity 
ILCA 2012 Presentation

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ILCA, 2011

Why Breastfeeding Prevents Metabolic Syndrome and Cardiovascular in Mothers

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We are in the midst of a massive public-health response to the American (and worldwide) "Obesity Epidemic." Much of the current advice focuses on the simplistic assumption that high BMI is caused by too many calories and too little exercise. That is certainly part of the picture. But as with many aspects of human behavior, the causes of obesity are much more complex. Particularly missing in the conversation is the impact of things like psychological trauma, depression, and sleep problems on obesity. My goal is to at least raise these issues. My fervent hope is that we stop stigmatizing and shaming people with higher BMIs; that we focus on health--not size--as we seek to influence public health and address this issue. I have also uploaded a session on metabolic syndrome that will be helpful in understanding some of the factors related to higher BMIs.
More on the link between childhood abuse and obesity on the ACEsTooHigh site. [click here]